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Get to Know: Rob Roys

Get To Know:

Rob Roys


Start Date: 2003

Rob Roys is one of the quietest employees at RLTurner. He’d much rather let his hard work and his faith do his talking for him.

If you ask him about the 4M logo on his hat or sweatshirt, though, he’ll tell you all about it. The 4th Musketeer is a Christian men’s movement to inspire men to live a more fulfilled life. It’s inspired, in part, by the character D’Artagnan, from the book, The Three Musketeers.

It was launched in the Netherlands in 2008, and it’s described as leading men “into the wilderness where inspiration, adventure, and challenge forge a deep spiritual experience, and in some way, man and God meet.”

Roys tested himself physically, mentally, and spiritually by signing up for his first Xtreme Character Challenge in 2016. Everything he needed was in his backpack, and the entire crew hiked into the woods and away from civilization. “This may not be a trip for everyone, but it should be,” Roys says. “This is a time to re-evaluate and spend much needed time with God.”

With a couple of XCCs under his belt, Roys now serves as an XCC crew member, helping in whatever capacity is needed. His belief in the program got his son, Tyler, interested in attending. Together, they endured some wet, chilly spring weather and basked in the views of eastern Kentucky’s Red River Gorge State Park during last year’s challenge. “The trip with Tyler will always be my favorite,” Rob says. “I watched him grow in his faith with God, and by the time Sunday came around he was different than when we hiked into the woods on a rainy Thursday night.”

On March 11, he’ll return with his fellow 4th Musketeers to Red River Gorge. “I’ve been asked how I deal with the stress of a job,” Roys says. “I leave it at the job, go spend a few days in Red River Gorge, and I give it to God. I’ll continue to go as long as my body can handle it.”

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