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Welcome to the Hoosier Wander(er)

What began as an outdoor escape evolved into the Hoosier Wander(er), a nature blog sponsored by RLTurner Corporation and featured on the Indiana Parks and Recreation Association’s website.

Each month, the host—Layne Cameron—will showcase Indiana outdoors and the amenities that can be built to enjoy them.

To launch the Hoosier Wander(er), Layne canoed down the White River, from Waverly Park to the river’s terminus at Mt. Carmel, Illinois—214 miles in 8 days.

Future blogs will feature rail trails, bird watching, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, and more. If you have ideas for the blog, or if you’d like to discuss future construction projects to make the great outdoors more accessible, contact Layne at (317) 873-2712 or

VIDEOS: Hoosier Wander(er) on YouTube

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