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Safety Milestone

In baseball, you never talk about a no-hitter during the game. The superstition is that it’s instantly jinxed—and lost—when you do.

In construction, there’s a lingering belief that if you talk about a safety streak, then it too will come to an end.

So, let’s just call our latest accomplishment a milestone.

RLTurner has just surpassed the all-time company record for man-hours worked without a lost time recordable incident. Essentially, we’ve gone more than two years without a lost-time accident.

“This is an amazing feat that would not have been possible without the leadership of Kenny Pinkerton and Dan Phifer and the amazing efforts and commitment to safety by all of our employees who are working every day on our jobs,” says Adam Owens, RLTurner COO.

We’re not satisfied, though, with this milestone. Obviously, we want to honor it, but we also want to continue this momentum. Safety is our culture, and we don’t want to lose sight of how critical it is to keep safety on our minds at all times.

In the meantime, though, we salute everyone at RLTurner for this achievement!

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