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News Coverage: Thank You, Frankfort

We recently wrote a thank you letter to the city of Frankfort, which appeared in the Frankfort Times:

Many of our best childhood summer memories happened at our local pools. So, as we get ready to open Sapphire Bay, we want to thank Frankfort for allowing us at RLTurner to not only play our part in building your new aquatic park, but to also help create a destination that will be the future site of many cherished memories.

RLTurner has built many commercial pools, aquatic parks, and splash pads around the state. Yet each one is special because as soon as it opens, it instantly becomes a jewel of the community.

And Sapphire Bay, by its namesake alone, is living up to that status. Honoring the history of Gem City Park, which was dedicated in 1911, while modernizing it has been a daunting yet rewarding task. Upgrading a park that’s more than a century old and making residents see it with new eyes is one of the greatest payoffs for us; we hope it inspires as many smiles for Frankfort’s residents as it did for us.

We’ve enjoyed helping navigate each step along the way. In fact, if you’d like to see Sapphire Bay from start to finish, we have a time-lapse video on our website at (Click on Expertise and then Sapphire Bay.)

We may have been strangers at the beginning of this project, but as we get ready to cut the ribbon for this water playground, we feel like we are a part of your community.

RLTurner takes great pride in its work. It was a pleasure to help build this project and get to know you better. We hope you’ll invite us back to do more work in your hometown.

See the story (login required) in the Frankfort Times.

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