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News Coverage: Adam Owens Almost Dropped Out

Ball State University Blog featured Adam Owens, and his personal story of how he almost dropped out of college before finding himself and his career path:

By his fourth rejection from the architecture program, a crestfallen Adam was searching for answers. Thankfully, his then-girlfriend Kim—now his wife—staged an intervention. She suggested Adam talk to her aunt, Sandy Cameron, who worked at the University.

Sandy was not a faculty member or an adviser. She worked in the University’s marketing and communication’s office. But she knew about a relatively new degree program that seemed to line up with Adam’s interests and experience—construction management.

Adam wasn’t aware the program existed. But with Sandy’s encouragement, he met with advisers and faculty members.

“When I walked into the construction management department, not to sound cheesy, it was love at first sight,” Owens said.

The full article can be read here.

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