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Top Tips For Keeping Owners Happy

Jeremy Perrin, RLTurner superintendent, has been with the company since 2005. Along with mastering his construction skills in that time, he’s also grown to be a proven ambassador to project owners.

Currently, he’s overseeing our work at Alexandria Community Schools Corporation. It’s been a great partnership, and much of it can be attributed to Jeremy. Whenever we share a story about our work there, the school is quick to rave about how much they love having him there.

For example, they liked and shared a recent tweet, saying, “We’ve been so impressed with RLTurner! Jeremy is the best!”

Unsolicited praise like this doesn’t come by accident. Jeremy works hard at maintaining relationships and offers these insights on how he does it.

  • Always remember they are the owners; I treat their facility like it’s my own.
  • I try to treat them like a friend I’ve known my entire life and know when to joke and when to be serious.
  • Even if it’s a simple detail, I always include the owners in the decisions, giving them the option. It’s their money, and I want them to be happy.
  • If I’m asked to do small extra tasks that will not require much time, I do them. Going the extra inch seems like a mile to most people.
  • If I tell an owner I will do something, I make sure I do it. I always try to keep dates I’ve given them. If I do not make a deadline, I let them know it’s not going to happen and give them a reason why; don’t leave them hanging.
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