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Get to Know: Max Azua

Get to Know:

Max Azua


Start date: 2010

In Indiana, Max Azua is a talented craftsman.

In Mexico, he’s a successful farmer.

He owns 160 acres of fertile farmland where he grows soybeans, milo, and cotton. While the soybeans and cotton are cash crops, the milo feeds the more than 75 cattle he raises on nearby rented pastureland.

He grew up on the farm until was 16. That’s when he decided to come to the United States. Leaving his home was tough, but the allure of boosting his finances inspired him to make the move. “Up here, I can make more in a day than I could in two weeks in Mexico,” Max says.

Along with establishing a construction career in America, Max also met his wife and has raised three children in Indiana.

His prosperity has built a nest egg for retirement as well as provided needed farm implements and more cattle for his herd. One of the purchases he’s most proud of is a John Deere combine, which he bought in the Midwest and shipped to Mexico.

While Max works in the U.S., his brothers and cousins manage the farm. They keep in touch regularly, sharing crop updates and coordinating cattle purchases. And every December, Max takes his wife and kids back to his homestead.

Having his extended family together for harvest and the holidays is a festive time as well as a window into the future. “When I retire, I want to move there and manage the farm in person,” Max says.

Knowing Max’s work ethic and commitment, you know that seed will blossom into reality.

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