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Get to Know: Fray Gallardo

Get to Know:

Fray Gallardo


Start Date: 2020

Sundays mean soccer for Fray Gallardo and his teammates. Every week during the summer, they gather with a few hundred other players and their friends and family at an Indy eastside park. The festive mood, accented by food, beer, and music, centers on the fast action on the fields.

Gallardo, an RLTurner craftsman, plays for Costa Chica. He, and all his teammates, are originally from the “Small Coast” region, which edges the Pacific Ocean south of Acapulco. They’ve been playing together for five years, and today they’re putting on quite a show.

Even though they played on a full field, the action rarely crossed mid-field. “These guys are good,” the referee said as he pointed to Costa Chica.

By halftime, their unrelenting offense scored four goals. By the end of the match, they had doubled their score, easily winning 8-0.

Costa Chica has a reputation of being one of the league’s top teams. This summer reflects this as they sit on top of the standings with a record of 7-0-2.

Playing well is merely part of the enjoyment, though. Laughing with teammates and sharing post-game beers adds up to a great summer day.

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