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Get to Know: Aaron Albright

Get to Know:

Aaron Albright

Project Engineer

Start Date: May 2021

If you haven’t met RLTurner’s newest employee Aaron Albright yet, you’ll be seeing him soon. The outgoing project engineer from Waterloo is always quick with a smile and a friendly greeting. He will be working with Jeff Pratt, and he’s already plugged in on projects at Center Grove High School, Deer Creek Elementary, Murphy Aquatic Park, and Tri-West High School.

Aaron will be graduating soon from Ball State University with a degree in construction management. When he first enrolled at Ball State, he wanted to be a teacher. “I thought I wanted to teach math,” Aaron says. “But then I learned I could do math while working construction, but I’d get paid more money.”

To gain experience, he poured concrete with a crew in northern Indiana last summer. His studies and hard work paid off, and before he left Ball State, he had interviews lined up with a handful of companies.

When he met with RLTurner, though, he felt a connection that he didn’t have with the others. “I felt like it was a good-sized company and a good fit for me,” Aaron says. “I was impressed with RLTurner’s portfolio, and when I met Adam Owens and Jeff it all just clicked.”

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