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Revitalizing YOUR Downtown

Main Street is a key indicator of your town’s economic health. Potholes and boarded-up businesses say, “Keep driving to the next town.” In contrast, bustling shops and restaurants, well-maintained streets and accessible sidewalks, and tasteful landscape say, “Welcome! Park your car and stay a while.”

It’s no surprise that city officials across Indiana are striving for the latter and taking the necessary steps to revitalize their downtowns.

In many cases, the visionary process begins with razing dilapidated buildings or remediating brownfields. With a clean slate and an open space, residents can begin to dream about beautifying the space and reinvigorating their downtowns.

We’ve partnered with many Hoosier communities to complete these projects, from Remington to Martinsville, and we can help your town’s transformation.

Across the Hoosier State, we’ve helped …

  • Remington spruce up its sidewalks and streetscape to celebrate its railroad roots.
  • Muncie reclaim a vacant lot and build a park and stage to host many downtown-centric events.
  • Greenfield build a linear park that commemorates its railroad past while celebrating its rail-trail future.
  • Crawfordsville transform a vacant lot and neglected street to an activity-filled park, with a performance stage and new home for a farmers’ market as well as build a trailhead park just a few blocks away.
  • Martinsville transform empty lots into a vibrant park, replete with a concert canopy and welcoming greenspace. (This is a work in progress.)

What can we do for your town?

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