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Doug Boyce: Innovation

Doug Boyce is always on the move during a big concrete pour. His hands-on style gives his team a natural leader to follow; it also puts management’s mind at ease, knowing his projects are in good hands.

This becomes crystal clear when it came time to smooth the tricky transition of the two 45-degree rises from the diving well. Boyce grabbed a couple of guys, waded into the mud, and made quick work of the complex transition.

As the concrete poured in, it erased one of the project’s best innovations: elevation markers. Tradition typically calls for the tedious use of rebar stakes to mark the desired elevation. To ensure the pour is on the mark, the grade has to be checked manually multiple times during the pour.

Boyce, however, used fiberglass grade stakes, precut to the exact elevation—the first time this technique has been used for an RLTurner pool pour. The innovation resulted in increased efficiency because no one had to stop to continuously check the elevation and remove the rebar stakes.

Also increasing the day’s efficiency was how the 800-pound line dragons steered smoothly over the rebar grid during the pour. Their ease of navigation can be attributed in part to Boyce ensuring that sturdy rebar chairs supported the massive grid.

These extra steps and dedication to craftsmanship are the kind of innovations our team makes during every project. These weren’t part of any plan, and no one had to tell Boyce to do it. This proactive approach is what sets our team apart.

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