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Center Grove Natatorium Slab Pour

At 4:30 a.m. on Halloween morning, the parking lot of Center Grove High School felt like a tailgate party, a precursor to a big game.

Rather than football, though, everyone was here for the company’s largest concrete pour:

  • 782 cubic yards of concrete
  • 83 trucks
  • 60 workers (more than 40 from RLTurner and additional folks from George’s Concrete Pumping and K. Graber Construction)

The RLTurner team was awaiting the first concrete truck under a full moon. When the load arrived, it was clear that no one would be standing idly as a spectator. Foremen and superintendents from other projects, estimators, and other main office staff walked the rebar, waded into the concrete, and directed the steady flow of trucks.

Multiple people—from the pool’s designer to the county inspector—praised the gridwork and rebar before the day began, saying it was the best they’d ever seen. And as the pour progressed, leaders from nearly all of the project’s partners and the school corporation basked in the view from the stands.

Even as our team sprayed off their boots and ended their day, many of them wandered up into the bleachers to take photos of their day’s work—proud of contributing to an effort that approached near perfection.

Many workdays will be forgotten, but everyone will remember being a part of this day. Years from now when they drive by with their friends and family, you can almost hear them say: “I helped build that.”

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