safety is our culture...our collaborative efforts actively work at reducing construction risks to YOU, the owner, and the entire construction team


Choose safely by choosing safety first!  As you review candidates for your project, make sure safety is a prerequisite! Never compromise or discount the importance that safety will play into the overall success of your project.

Risks faced by owners can include:

  • Unwanted publicity caused by incidents
  • Business interruption
  • Client safety
  • Contract extensions
  • Contractual liability
  • Cost overruns
  • Damage to property
  • Loss of use
  • Owner’s client challenges
  • Public safety
  • Third-party lawsuit’s

RLTurner has a tremendous safety record with an EMR of <.80.  Additionally, we maintain and administer both a comprehensive safety program and project site-specific program tailored to your project.

Overall, our dedication to safety means our firm is more efficient at reducing risks, being profitable, and completing contracts on time.